Activate personalization
in your business

We provide platform that allow you to personalize the processes of interaction with both customers and employees
Customer data processing
Providing ETL tools for data collection, normalization and deduplication for business-tasks
Automatic data classification, identification of key models, parameters and characteristics
Machine learning
Providing ready machine learning algorithms for predictive models
Get recommendations
Providing recommendations and forecasts for business-task
Analytics of results
Providing self-learning technologies to improve the accuracy of the resulting data
Process automation
As a result, the automation of company processes based on machine learning technologies
Dynamic pricing in Gas stations
  • Forecasting car traffic for an hour / day / week
  • Collection of the micro market prices and form the price change corridor
  • Automatic calculate a fuel prices based on the selected pricing strategy
Personalization in marketing
  • Collecting and normalizing customer data on our CDP-platform
  • Defining customer consumption patterns
  • Sending personal offers to clients for goods to cashiers and client mobile applications
  • Providing CRM-systems
Personalization in motivation
  • Providing a system for creating individual tasks for the needs and personal motivation of employees
  • Creation of gamification technologies in the process of employees' work
Demand forcasting
  • Forecast of demand for goods and services for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Analysis of the local market and providing recommendations for the sale of the most popular goods and services
Meet Our Team
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and make your happy
Evgeniy Strokin
Co-founder & CEO
Roman Prilepskiy
Co-founder & CTO
Alex Manushin
Lead data scientist
Kristina Lifrenko
Lead data scientist
Sergey Atruhin
Lead data scientist
Ivan Dubishkin
Lead developer
We have offices in Europe and Russia,
but now we work online
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