AI Platform for personalized promo and marketing automation

to leverage your sales and marketing objectives
to acquire new customers and retain current ones
to communicate personally and omnichannel
to be competitive and farseeing

Why retail chains choose Megainsight?
Personalized promotions empower sales and marketing and turn one-time buyers into fans and brand advocates.
We've implemented hundreds of marketing campaigns at retail chains. Megainsight is the summary of it. Specialized, simple and powerful tool for sales and marketing.
Omnichannel is customer-firendly. Send promos to channels that customers prefer (SMS, PUSH, web-site, social networks, e-mail, point-of-sale terminals).
marketing processes
Megainsight helps retail chains to avoid the routine and promote the right product to the right customer.
Success stories!
How it works?
4 key blocks of Megainsight solution:
Data Warehouse
Consolidate online and offline customers data in a single storage and quickly create segments for any marketing needs. Make it easy to manage, to analyze and to visualize.
AI Personalization engine
Our service helps to anticipate customers desires and promote the right product to the right customer. Gain insights from customers' data to take new ideas for promo campaigns.
Promo engine
Choose an offer type depending on your sales and marketing goal, fill in with necessary rules and adopt channels. Open up opportunities for marketing to boost LTV and revenue.
Consumers mobile app
Send promo coupons to mobile app, which is customized for your company and developed especially for retail. Or choose several channels to reach each customer in its usual digital point.
Personalized promotions are the new future!
SIA "Megainsight"

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