AI Personalization engine

This block helps you to think far and widely when planning campaigns with the help of our AI engine. Machine learning (ML) inserted into AI engine gives you smart predictions and recommendations, based on customers data to enhance your vision and empower to make quick decisions.
AI will tell you which customers are price-dependent and which are not
AI will tell you what promo campaign suits to what clients' group to reach maximum conversion
AI automatically contoll each promo campaign and retrain the system
In which cases does it work?
When your loyalty program doesn't work and loyalty decrease
AI-engine will be able to upgrade your existing loyalty system, speeding up the process of communication with consumers and enriching it with personal approach to them
When you are tired of non-profit marketing
The more clients, the more difficult and expensive to manage it. AI-engine will allow to automate processes of targeting, segmentation customers and preparation of personal promotions for them.
When the competitive environment gets stronger
The more competitive environment, the faster decisions need to be done. The service will track life cycle of each client and identifying growth points that can boost the sale of goods and services.
Upload customer's data, normalize and deduplicate it.
Upload customer's transactions, normalize
and deduplicate it.
Any other data
Upload all the other data you have regarding customers
Send promos to the customers cellphones as SMS or to mobile app as PUSH
Social media and messengers
Send promos to any messenger customer likes or to his social media account
Send notifications to cashiers
Based on the history of purchases, AI in Megainsight will analyze the preferences of each client, predict his interest in goods and create the most relevant offers. The client sees such offers in convenient communication channels. In turn, the Service will automatically collection of conversion for each offer and retraining of the system. Result:
Up to 20%
Purchases growth
Up to 30%
Average bill growth
Up to 40%
Personalized promo campaigns conversion
SIA "Megainsight"

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