Riga, Latvia
October 19-21, 2022

Private conference
for fuel industry professionals

SMG-Successful Development
We conduct seminars and workshop events, as well as round tables, field events for exchange of experience, interregional forums, and individual corporate seminars.
The advantages of taking part in gas station development events include: their interesting format, which brings like-minded people together, their location, up-to-date themes, practical recommendations, cost and quality, hospitable service, an excellent pastime, the chance to visit gas stations, the excursion program, exchange of experience, a professional set of speakers, and much more to help develop your profession and business.
About conference
Meetings are set up to be both useful and enjoyable.
Maximum benefits
This is not just a conference. You will be able to meet with all the participants in an informal setting and discuss important issues.
Pleasant with useful
In addition to the official part of the event, the program include tours of the gas station and the city where the event is held.
Practices and cases
At the conference, you will hear the best practices, cases and results of applying management decisions that lead to business growth.
Professional speakers
Our speakers are opinion leaders, top managers and owners of gas station chains with more than 15 years of experience in the fuel market.
Fuel industry professionals talk about the most important
Three-day program and a huge number of useful contacts
The conference will bring together fuel market participants CIS&EU
Our key topics
Over the past 5 years, was covered more than 10 topics related with developing gas station networks
Technologies to successfully develop modern gas station networks
Strengthening gas station network retail brands
Developing sales of shops and cafes at gas stations
Non-price methods to stimulate fuel sales
Hospitable service
Developing gas station formats
Sales management and accounting systems
Development of automatic gas stations
Profitable service standards at gas stations
Digitization of fuel retail
Our main speakers are specialists with many years of practical experience in the field of fuel retail, who have their own methods and recipes for the development of a filling station network
Sergey Balsin
Member of the board General Fueller
Evgeny Strokin
CEO Megainsight
Last year's conference
Photos from our fuel conference in 2021

Euro 900

For speakers from the fuel industry - free of charge
SIA "Megainsight"

Riga, LV-1005
Ganibu dambi, 26a
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