Mobile App
for your consumers

Megainsight White Label mobile app - simplify and utterly easy for consumers, that drives emotional brand loyalty
and repeat sales.
Quick registration
A fast and intuitive registration / authorization scheme that allows you to start using the application in a couple of seconds.
Interface that leads to purchase
Lightweight, not overloaded and easy-to-use application interface that increase average bill.
Personalized experience
Personalized promo makes an amazing customer journey and builds customer loyality.
Megainsight White Label App
in a nutshell
We offer an app-based personalization, loyalty, CRM and marketing platform that delivers game-changing business results to retail chains
Mobile app is branded for the customer's retail network. Promote only your brand.
Earning, choosing, and redeeming points generate positive emotions and loyalty toward your brand.
The application interface is aimed at personalizing and increasing the frequency and average bill of the client.
Understand your customers' buying habits, patterns, and preferences, while gathering actionable insights to build more personalized brand experiences.
Megainsight CRM provides a comprehensive view of your customers based on their interactions with your brand.
Send Free Push messaging. Because the customer has installed your app, communications are FREE!
Customers are incentivized to become your brand advocates and recommend your app and share promo with their friends.
Measure campaign conversion rates and ROI to continuously improve customer engagement.
Success stories!
SIA "Megainsight"

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